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About BizAndGive

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Conducting Business While Uplifting Others

BizAndGive is in business to help others, hence the simple name. We are not only there to help you achieve the best version of who you can be as a manager, leader, or business owner, but it extends to helping women and children in need.  When you hire BizAndGive, you help your career, your business and you help the cause we support. 

Charity causes dear to our hearts:

Child Creativity Lab: 

Fostering the next generation of critical thinkers, problem solvers, innovators, and leaders through hands-on creativity-enhancing exploration


International Sanctuary:

Empowering girls and women escaping human trafficking to embrace their true identity and worth. 

Guide - Advisor and Consultant


Helene Blanchette


What is knowledge for, if not to share and to make others benefit from your experience? Throughout my years as a senior executive, I became the first to break the ceiling and penetrate the senior leadership team of FXAP, a Japanese organization, tackled the digital marketing transformation of 14 countries, had a global VP role in fortune 500 companies, operated for years in the printing industry, was the first woman president of the Gutenberg Association in Canada, the first woman elected as president of  the Tennis and racket sports federation, and all of that started even earlier, at 23 years old, when I was hired to be the co-director of 5 racket-sports club with 25,000 members, 5 restaurants and 350 employees.  


At the top of my career, I decided to move to Asia, where I was alone, completely unknown and yet, made it to the top again to become GM of Asia Pacific.  I have gone through it all and enjoyed immensely the journey, and still do to this day.  It is now time to share, listen and guide you to be the best leader version of yourself. 

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