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Guidance - Advisory - Coaching and Facilitation
For Individuals or Enterprises

Finance Consultancy

Corporate Employees' Guidance/Advice

Ascending Leadership Guidance

You have identified and plan to promote multiple employees who would benefit from guidance? This retainer package is flexible and employees can be added or replaced throughout the program.


Standard package: 20 hours per month, up to 5 employees per month.

Enterprise Support

Strategic Advisor and Facilitator

Do you have business goals, but need support to develop the strategy?

A group to facilitate?

A business plan to develop or an investors' deck to prepare?


This versatile advisor package is a customized consultative service to support a range of business needs 

White board with strategic ides on post it
Business woman smiling with a shadow of strong arms

Individual Guidance and Advice for Executives and Women Ascending to Leadership

A customized gender specific approach

Do you want to become the best leader version of yourself, break through the glass ceiling or simply wish to receive guidance from someone of the same gender, who has walked that road before, and understands how to navigate the corporate world?


Let's start with a free discovery session to evaluate the best course of action for you.

Cultural Differences Training

Ideal for expatriates who are planning a new life abroad. Being assigned a new role in a new country or region of the world can be one of the most enriching and amazing chapters of your career, however not understanding how to manage different cultures and communications can be your Achilles heel.


This 3-hour training will help you better manage teams and cultural differences to maximize your contribution. 

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