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Guide-Advisor and Business Consultant

I am a global senior executive with a diversified career and live-abroad international experience. Becoming an individual or business guide/advisor for women is a passion. My past positions include being on the Senior Leadership Team (VP) of Xerox Corporation and Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific. Lately, I support physicians' mission of consumer safety and education as President of the Physicians C. Council, as well as being a guide for women and a business consultant. 


In 2021, I received flattering recognition from the Vanguard Media Online group which honored me with the title of Woman of the Year, earned for the way I conduct business while lifting up other women along the way. In fact, when choosing us, a proceed will go to a charity helping women and children. It is the philosophy of Biz And Give (BAG).


As global vice-president of Fortune 500 companies, coaching, guiding, advising, and reverse mentoring were always a high priority. When moving to the USA from Singapore, it is with Women Unlimited that I continued to help women become the best version of themselves in the business world.  I now offer these guidance/coaching services to individual women, from manager level to CEOs, or as an integrated corporate program.

In Asia, I proudly broke the glass ceiling by being the first woman to be promoted to the Senior Leadership Team of Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific, a Japanese-led organization.   I humorously say that I have internal scars from the challenges I pulled through, and I cherish every minute of this journey done with integrity, respect, and high professional standards.


Now based in California, I serve as a board member of the Child Creativity Lab, the ACCGC, and on the advisory board of UC Santa Barbara School of Engineering.

When you contact me, don't forget to ask about my 5-year retreat routine.

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Internationally recognized expertise
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