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Business woman looking forward with the shadow of a superhero

Behind Each Woman Lies the Shadow of a Superhero

The BAG Program

Let’s Succeed Together

We believe that behind each woman lies the shadow of a superhero. 

Career women have a lot to juggle in life and we understand that trying to climb the ladder with many challenges coming from all sides can make us question our own capacity and value.

You are not alone!

The BAG program is designed specifically to provide coaching and guidance to women, starting at the management level and above.


The Program Value
The value of the BAG program is the interaction with a senior guide of the same gender as you, with hands-on experience of climbing to senior leadership roles in often unconsciously or culturally biased environments. This invaluable expertise can make a very big difference in your journey.
Your Goals, Your Journey
To make you achieve your goal, we combine, coaching, mentoring, advising, and experience sharing, complemented by tools that will help you manage on your own after.


Sometimes we need a little guidance, a sounding board, yet other times we need more structured guidance. 

The choice is always yours.

Book a free session to discover your needs and evaluate the best package
to accomplish your goals. 
Individual sessions, bundles, and corporate packages are available.

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