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Working with Helene has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself and for my career. Before we started meeting, I felt unclear of next steps in my career and was questioning every little decision. Helene took the time to truly get to know me and what I wanted for myself and future. We worked together to create a career roadmap that took into account personal and career aspirations. Almost overnight I noticed a difference, and so did those around me. My boss has commented to me on several occasions that I am firing on all cylinders and he continues to be impressed with my work. Through my work with Helene, we’ve agreed on a plan on where I want to go and how I will get there. Overall, my experience with Helene was been fantastic and I am so happy I made the investment in an Executive Coach.

Angela DeSanctis, Sales Manager - Intralinks - New-York

I was fortunate to have Helene serve as my coach and mentor throughout a year-long leadership development program.  She brought many years of executive level experience, a global perspective and the ability to meet me where I was at in my career, and provide guidance. She's an active listener, asks thoughtful questions, and helped me come to my own conclusions on key issues and topics.  I'm truly grateful for the time I spent with Helene.


Julie Wenzel,

now at ASUS Computer International

Helene is both a senior business leader and a marketer, and I'm always amazed by her ability to cut through the chase to provide clear and tangible guidance. As her mentee, I always gain a lot of clarity from her. While being strategic, Helene is able to provide concrete suggestions and share her knowledge as to what/how to execute as well.

Susanna Hasenoehrl - Now at SAP 

Helene was my guide-advisor for nearly a year and in that time she was incredibly skilled at asking me the right questions to help me think through the challenges I was facing.  She guided me to help myself and to look at the longer-term perspective of what I wanted to accomplish.  She’s also incredibly gracious, encouraging, and has a lovely sense of humor.  I looked forward to connecting with her.  I felt more empowered each time we connected.   Our interactions also gave me some tools for when I’ve found myself in the role of mentor. 

Thank you Helene.

Shayla Height, Capital Group - California

I am currently the Global Senior Vice President of Sales at Intralinks, based in New York, a financial technology corporation with offices around the world.  Because of my awareness of Ms. Blanchette’s pas successes in helping people grow to become top performers, I have retained Ms. Blanchette’s services to coach and groom some of our promising leaders.  The results are impressive and exceed our expectations, within just a few months, we could see significant positive transformations and the ROI is definitely beneficial for our company as well as for the individual. Therefore, it is without reservation that I strongly recommend Ms. Blanchette. 

Christophe Montané, Global Head - Banks & Corporates - Intralinks

I had the first-rate opportunity to have Helene as my coach. Her direct approach helped me to filter out the everyday noise and to drill down on what my focal points should be. I will always cherish and revert back to my notes. The insights that I've gained will always be of value and truly inspirational.

Anna Cass - Dubai

Helene is passionate about motivating organizations, teams, and individuals to take on a new clear focus. She has engaging energy and her understanding of various cultures gives her the ability to build relationships with people from different parts of the world.

Wong, Seok Miin - Now at Hewlett Packard

Helene is an incredibly dynamic, open-minded, and such a kind person! I had the opportunity to work in partnership with Helene for a consulting mandate in Montreal ... She is a real change agent and always there to help her customers! I would be so happy to work again with Helene ... hopefully soon!

P. Daems - Senior Leadership Consultant - Paris

Her ability to influence the executive suite is second to none, and I have gained much knowledge about management from her. Her will is her strongest asset, and it helps her (and her team) push through insurmountable challenges, and deliver the results the business is looking for.

A. Naseem - Singapore

I had the immense privilege of being coached by Hélène during sessions on the art of interviews. Her advice, approach and the techniques made me a confident, structured, and professional candidate which helped me stand out from other candidates. I got the job!

Her professionalism and great sense of the business world make her an exceptional coach. I recommend her to everyone.  Thank you Hélène!!!!

Louise B.  Québec, Canada

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